Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1, 2010 Terry

Senate Bill 2702 stated that the Mississippi Legislature would give the IHL, Institutions of Higher Learning, the power to change the name of Mississippi University for Women.

David Coffey, Judge Mary Libby Payne, Lillian Wade

They were all waiting in the hall of the Mississippi State Capitol building outside room 113 in anticipation of the Senate Universities and Colleges committee meeting. David has speaker Anne Franklin Lamar's speech and Linda Ross Aldy's coat in his lap and Anne's purse on the floor next to him; we had gone into the room and then the capitol police kicked us out and I grabbed their stuff! Anne Franklin is a friend of Lydia's...Lockheart pledge sister and fellow English major. She and Betty Lou Jones spoke eloquently in favor of MUW, its women's mission and its very existence.

We are so thankful that this bill died in committee.

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