Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday in Hattiesburg

I am doing this post from Lydia's new iPad. It is so cool. We had a ball at the zoo yesterday. Lydia is a courageous mom, going through the tunnel. This peacock brought back memories from my daddy's raising them. Lydia and Anna Wesley had a ball on the bug hill.  And the spider web was awesome. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday before Easter

Well, so much for writing and posting a picture every day.  I guess each day is a new day and I could try harder to do this.

Much has happened.  Kaite is now in Newport News, Virginia, working for Busch Gardens.  Lydia is three days away from being a full time Mom and Mary Kay consultant.  Marianna is designing and building sets in Iowa.

I am tutoring and crocheting and trying to learn to quilt.  David is enjoying life without school, although he is having nightmares about lesson planning....

Hanque Hurley, my colorist, is meticulous in the way he approaches coloring my hair; we have fun and the best thing is that he works for bacon and coffee!

David and I worked hard on the play The Left Hand Singing.  This shot of the set is really preset; it didn't look like this in the end.  No white screen; rocking chairs where the other chairs are; a plant in the old wagon.

Abby  Abby  Abby

Lydia made a quick trip home to see Kaite and to celebrate their birthdays together.

We had a birthday lunch at a Thai restaurant during a monsoon.  We had the whole restaurant to ourselves for most of the time!  Abs loves that spoon!