Monday, February 15, 2010

15 February

This is a shot of the dusting we got last night; it was gone very quickly.

On President's Day I did some errands; I went to the Southern Women's Institute and visited Dr. Bridget Pieschel; this is Dr. P in her office.
We had toddlers at the Center for Infants and Parents in Franklin Hall at the same time; David was getting his certification to teach and I was finishing up my undergraduate degree. David and I worked parent hours and worked with her son, Will, when he was in Miss Susan's class! Marianna was a little younger than Will; she was in Miss Marianne's class. I am talking 27 years ago!
The Institute is sponsoring a women's history program on March 2, and I was picking up some flyers to give out at the Teacher's of the Gifted Instructional Forum (TGIF) on February 26.

It was actually snowing when I arrived back home from the W....see the little bit of white on the red car?

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