Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kaite's Senior Art Show; Reflecting on 12 Still

 Last spring Kaite had her senior art show; I am looking for the pictures I took; they were not on my phone since my motherboard died on Mother's day, and the show was before Mother's Day.  Preparation for the show was something else....many hurdles to overcome.....but she did a fantastic job presenting her work and speaking to the crowd about evolving as an artist.

Elvis Festival
Tribute Artist Competition


     The next adventure was being a part of the Blue Team for the Elvis Festival in Tupelo.  Kaite and I volunteered at Marianna's request, and Kaite did photography and I ran lights; Marianna wrangled Elvi.
     We worked the Tribute Artist Competition and we stayed at the Townhouse Motel, at which I KNOW I stayed as a child when the State Swim Meet was in Tupelo.  Really....really weird.  It has been about 50 years since I was competing on the Maywood Swim Team!

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